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the sample process

Steven D. Petersen offers over 30 years experience in interior wood finishing projects.

An essential part of a successful project is the Sample Process.

  • Retain examples of all old (existing, demo-ed) and new wood in the project
  • Listen to customer / designer / architect needs and aesthetic preferences
  • Develop formulations, techniques, and processes to meet the customer's goals
  • Finish the customer's wood sample and return for approval
  • Get feedback/interact to refine the finish (hue, depth, wood preparation techniques, other creative solutions)
  • Customer chooses the sample (signs and dates) approving the process described on individual label

Approved finishing systems can be applied by a contractor of your choice, when we have determined the precise formulation and processes for your project. Or, Steven D. Petersen can perform the finishing on-site or in some instances off-site.

To see the results of the sample process, please browse portfolio of Restoration, New Construction & Remodel, and Specialty Finishes.


The Sample Process
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